Industrial Photographer needed with CSCS card? Look no further!

Industrial Photographer of the Year Award Winner 2018!

Commercial Photographer of the year 2019!

Construction site photographer and Civil Engineering Photographer with CSCS Card. James Thompson, LMPA is a multi award winning Industrial  photographer and Architectural Photographer, accredited with and member of The Master Photographer’s Association. Over 30 years professional photographic experience. We were also recently accredited with an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for our commercial photography.

Construction photographer near me!

We travel the length and breadth of the  UK and  provide the highest quality Industrial Photography for our clients. Our most popular locations in demand  for Industrial Photography are in London, the South East, The Midlands, the North East , Edinburgh Glasgow and Aberdeen.

We need Construction and Industrial Photographs. How does it work, what do you do?

Usually we get a phone call or an email from one of our clients, or a new customer who has been referred to us by an existing client.  Often they require more work on an existing project  or say that a new construction project is in the pipeline.

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How can we help and work with you?

We can be involved from the initial inception of the project after planning is granted right through to completion. Our construction clients and architectural clients always  tell us they use the best materials and the best people available. The hurdle comes when it is time to show their clients and prospects evidence of the quality of their build and design.  Usually on-site photographs are taken with a mobile phone and by someone who has a million other jobs to do.

High quality Construction  Photography

High quality industrial photographs will be the least expensive aspect of the build and hiring an Industrial Photographer will provide you with images that really show your company and its work at its best. If you’re using ‘phone images’ for your brochures and tender documents, it just doesn’t ‘cut it’ and stands out a mile. When you show a future client all the good work you’ve done, let the images truly reflect and show the quality of your work and your brand.

Do as your customers do! 

Think about it for a moment, your customers , whether it be the Government, Local Council or another Contractor are coming to you for your skills and knowledge, they wouldn’t believe in doing it themselves, they leave the professionals ( you and your company) to do it.

The same philosophy applies to the photographs you show to clients on Social Media, Websites and your printed publications. Put your company image in our hands as that is what we specialise in. We will work with you to deliver content that will always show you at your best.

Use an Industrial Photographer.

We can work hand in hand with your PR Manager or advertising  department to provide your  company with images that really ‘sell your brand and your work’.

Feel free to call us for a chat, or ask us over to your place  our number is 07817 512 234. Call and ask for James.

Contact us with confidence. English native language, French and Spanish also spoken.

Evidence of our work

As time allows, more and more of our projects are being added to our website. We prioritise your work first, so it takes us a little longer to get all our projects on here.

Ono of our most recent commissions was at Dundee Railway Station, you can find a link to that work here,

Here you will see the Holy Trinity Motorcycle Village at Hillington Park, Glasgow.

Balfour Beatty were the main contractor for Dundee Railway Station and they can be found here. 

The complex steel work for both projects was fabricated and erected by J&D Pierce Contracts Ltd, in Glengarnock, Glasgow. Should you require their expertise and services they can be found here. 

The amazing design for Dundee Railway Station is down to Nicoll Russell, further work and their contact details are here.

This page will continue to be updated, so revisit for further updates.

Recent Construction  Photography projects:

New Brentford FC Stadium

Queen St Station, Glasgow

Amazon Warehouses

Gazeley Warehouses

Lidl Warehouses

Velux Glenrothes

Crown St Plaza, Glasgow

Marriot Glasgow

Peterborough Railway Station

Oxford Railway Station

Bath Railway Station

Bridge Construction & Erection Silverstone

Farm Foods Cumbernauld

Boeing Golden Care Hangar, Gatwick Airport

Boeing 737 Hangar RAF Lossiemouth

Jaguar Landrover Dealership, Sunbury on Thames

Mercedes Dealership Stockport

AECC Aberdeen and Exhibition Conference Centre

Neptune Energy Building, Aberdeen

Pilgrim House, Aberdeen

Ducati Dealership, Hillington Park, Glasgow

Triumph Dealership, Hillington Park, Glasgow,

West Coast Harley Davidson Dealer, Hillington Park, Glasgow.

Gourmet Burger Restaurant, Glasgow Fort, Glasgow.

Largs Campus, Largs, Scotland.

Inverclyde Sports Centre

1 West Regent Street Glasgow

H&M Buchanan Street, Glasgow

Oriam, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Quartermile Retail and Apartments Complex, Edinburgh

Granton Marina Retail and Apartments Complex, Edinburgh

National Innovation Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne

Dundee Railway Station and Sleeperz Hotel, Dundee.

Dakota Hotel, Eurocentral


QEUH Glasgow

QEUH Helipad, Glasgow

Commercial/ Tourism photographs for Comarca Gúdar-Javalambre, Mora de Rubielos, Spain.

“Your image is in safe hands”

Photograph of James Thompson Industrial Photographer London
James Thompson
Industrial Photographer

Construction Images that get you and your work noticed!

Construction photography is a challenging task!

Construction photography is a challenging task, you will know that if you have tried it yourself. All your specialities, knowledge and skill have gone into the design, fabrication and construction of the building.

It is vital that your website, marketing materials and social media profiles accurately portray the quality of your work. It is vital for you that your work gets noticed for the quality that it is. It  keeps you ahead of the competition.

Nothing in your Construction Work is left to chance, so why do this with your visual media? For those potential clients who have not physically been to or passed your work, photographs are what they rely on to judge the quality of your work. With UK Construction Photography ‘your image is in safe hands’.

construction photography comparison of photograph taken be an amateur and a professional photographer


 Construction Photography Rates

Our Construction photography  rates  vary depending upon your specific needs.

With regard to construction photography rates,  all our clients have unique requirements and therefore require individual tailored solutions and quotations. Our clients often require regular on site visits to show construction progress to clients via Social Media, Trade Journals, News sites and internal memos.

Longer-term Construction Photography requirements:

In these circumstances we consult with our client and use  a detailed brief to ensure we provide precisely what is required. These longer-term contracts attract special, bespoke  rates, offered to our clients with a Service Level Agreement. We offer these services nationwide. Contact James on 07817 512 234 or email to arrange a meeting.

Construction photography requirements in other geographic locations:

If you have satellite offices/ sites in French or Spanish speaking geographic locations and require Construction, Commercial, Industrial photography we are willing to travel and are able to communicate in those languages. Contact James on 07817 512 234 or email to arrange a meeting. We love to travel and we enjoy new challenges.

Shorter term Construction Photography Requirements:

In most cases we provide a PDF quote following a discussion with our clients on their specific brief. However, as a  guide, below are some typical guide prices for our commercial photography services. Entry points are from as low as £125, so we can fit within most marketing budgets.  Here’s a summary of our professional photography rates.

Hourly rate is  £125

HALF DAY rate (up to 4 Hours) :  £300

FULL DAY rate (up to 8 Hours) :  £500

For larger or more complex projects with multiple days/ months  of photography,  a bespoke quote  will be offered that is beneficial to both parties.

Additional charges may be incurred for:

  • Post Processing: (general sharpening, colour balance, exposure and artefact removal); generally 1 hour on a half day shoot or 2 hours on a full day. We don’t charge for this– this excludes major manipulation/retouching. Manipulation and retouching is costed on an image per image basis and is only undertaken after a discussion with the client.
  • Bespoke online proofing gallery.
  • Depending on the client specifications and intended usage of the resultant images, an image license may also factor into the overall costing. This is looked at on a per job basis.
  • Traveling expenses depend upon the location of the shoot.  Our usual charge for jobs further than a 200mile radius from Newcastle is only the cost of the fuel/ tube costs for London Underground if required..
  • Hotels, flights and expenses (for UK and non-UK commissions) are charged on at cost.
  • We are VAT registered and can provide you with a VAT invoice. All prices above are exclusive of VAT.
  • Images will be optimised for your chosen media platform/s.

“Your image is in safe hands”

If you would like us to contact you, please enter your details here and we will get back to you.



We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you in the near future. To find out how we can help give us a call or drop us a line.


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