New Construction Photography website!

Construction Photography Challenge

Welcome to my new website! I have been a photographer for over 30 years. Construction Photography and Architectural Photography offer the sort of challenges and rewards that get me out of bed every morning!

The  Built Environment

There are many things about the ‘built environment’ that I find utterly fascinating. How we relate to buildings once they are constructed and our opinions of them as the development of the construction site progresses.

Providing High Quality Construction Images

Like many things, this always looks easier than it actually is. Working on Construction Sites and Fabrication Plants provides many challenges for even the most experienced photographer. Health and Safety awareness is a serious concern and you can never forget the dangers around you whilst trying to get that amazing shot.

Despite these challenges, commercial photography is a very rewarding career because no two days are the same. One day you may be in a steel fabrication plant in Glasgow, the next you may be travelling to Gatwick to cover a new aircraft hangar being erected. Thats why I love my job.

Your business image

Your business image is everything these days. Especially in today’s highly visual world. How do you keep pace with it all and do all that you need to do?

Some companies will have their own in-house PR department, others will grab a quick construction photo with their phone and throw it on Facebook/ Twitter.

Your Marketing/ PR.

As with most  activity, the rewards gained are matched by the efforts that have gone into them! Taking your Marketing/ PR  as seriously as your your building design and construction will help to establish and consolidate your business image to a much wider field due to the far reaching powers of social media.

Unsung hero!

That’s what your amazing construction work is when the quality of the construction photography is left to chance, or to the guy with the broken phone screen who has a million other things to do! Why do this?

Your image in Safe Hands! 

mandatory sign for construction photography
mandatory sign for construction photography

Noteworthy Praise!

The quality of your construction work speaks for itself  to all those able to see it. Maybe your next client will not have that opportunity and only have that photo taken on the phone with the broken screen!

We can work with you or your PR team on a brief that will showcase your work at the quality it deserves. We are based in Newcastle, we travel Nationwide.

James, our Commercial  photographer is a triple award winner and professionally accredited with the Master Photographers Association. He has also been a ‘preferred supplier’ to Durham County Council for over 3 years.

Master Photographer association award for photography
Master Photographers Association award for photography

Having a Commercial Photographer onsite with a CSCS card simplifies things and we carry our own PPE equipment also. We are also covered with Professional Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity. We are also VAT registered and can provide you with a VAT invoice.

Contact us here:


mobile: 07817 512 234 ( try first as we are often on site)

Office: 0191 419 1680

If you are busy, we can contact you at a time to suit you.

3 Random facts about us!

1: Although Native English Speakers we also speak French and Spanish.

2: We hate Celery.

3:We love Chinese food.







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