Sleeperz Hotel Dundee-have a look inside!

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee and Dundee Railway Station

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee-what a beauty!

Why am I drawn back to Dundee? Sleeperz Hotel Dundee and Dundee Railway Station blend seamlessly together like Gin and Tonic! As you can see in one of my earlier blogs I was commissioned to photograph Dundee Railway Station by J&D Pierce Contracts Ltd , the structural steel fabricators and erectors of this amazing building. If you’d like to see the railway station images you can view them here.

Not enough time in Dundee to photograph the Sleeperz Hotel!

On my first visit to Dundee I didn’t have sufficient time to photograph the Railway Station and the Sleeperz Hotel. The day of my visit fell on a Scottish Bank Holiday and the V&A Museum in Dundee had only recently opened.

Dundee was packed. Dundee Railway Station and the Sleeperz Hotel are one and the same building. The hotel is above the Railway Station. The building is stunning and not what you expect when you think of a railway station. In my opinion it is a work of modern art that instantly reveals its beauty to the viewer.

So, I have returned to Dundee to capture the ‘inner beauty’ of this amazing building. It’s a freezing cold end to January and I can’t wait to get into the warmth of the Dundee Sleeperz Hotel!

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee and Dundee Railway Station
Sleeperz Hotel Dundee and Dundee Railway Station. Photography by James Thompson

Freezing outside but a warm Dundee welcome and Reception!

There is a lift to take you to Reception at Level 2, no stairs to navigate unless you want to! Keen to see the inside of the upper levels ( above the station) its natural to hope that the interior will live up to the beautiful exterior. The lift doors slide away and I am greeted with a friendly smile from Manny Baber (didn’t know his name at the time) and a very modern looking reception area with beautiful glass walls revealing lovely views of Dundee.

Photograph of Sleeperz Hotel Dundee Reception with view overlooking Dundee Centre
Sleeperz Hotel Dundee Reception. Photography by James Thompson.

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee Reception

Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-reception-area-showing-view-of-city. Photography by James Thompson

I love the contrast of the modern interior with that of the classic looking building opposite which I believe is the Dundee Malmaison. My initial intention was to photograph the Hotel and then return back to my accommodation in Glasgow. However, the feel of the building grabbed me and I decided to book a room for the night and return to Glasgow rested, the following day. This would also give me the opportunity to take some night photographs of Dundee. (images to follow).

Once checked in I was offered coffee and shown to the lounge which is literally the other side of reception. What a wonderful, cosy and welcoming area it is. I instantly felt ‘at home’ and relaxed and took advantage of the coffee before photographing the interior. I often have to pinch myself and remember this is work. It is such a lovely environment to be in! I could easily sit here and read a book, have a few more coffees and relax. Aware of the fact the nights still close in relatively early, I needed to get moving, not easy when you’re as cosy as this!

Photography of cosy Sleeperz Hotel Dundee coffee lounge
Sleeperz Hotel Dundee coffee lounge, very cosy! Photography by James Thompson.
Sleeperz Hotel Dundee coffee lounge
Sleeperz Hotel Dundee coffee lounge. Photography by James Thompson.

Leaving the comforts of this delightful resting area I headed towards my room for the evening. I was informed that for photographers, or anyone else wanting a wonderful view, room 540 is the one to go for. Fortunately for me it wasn’t booked, until I got there and snapped it up!

Walking above the beautiful glass arch to get to my room.

Traversing the corridor above the glass archway of Dundee-Railway-Station to get to my room. Photography by James Thompson.

Getting to Room 540 from Reception necessitates walking the full length of the building. That beautifully curved wall feels very long when you’re carrying two heavy camera bags and a tripod!

I would describe the inside of the rooms as modern, cosy and trendy. My understanding is that the interior design is the work of Kim McFarlane from Space Solutions.

They have offices in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow , Livingston and Aberdeen. I had the time to photograph Rooms 539 and 540. Both give great views. My favourite though is room 540. If your are going to stay in Dundee and you decide on the Sleeperz Hotel this is the room to go for in my opinion.

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee Rooms 539 and 540.

Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-Room-539-shows-shower-and-bed. Photography by James Thompson.
Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-Room-539. Photography by James Thompson.
photograph of Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-Room-540
Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-Room-540 with view of Discovery Cafe. Photography by James Thompson.

Day time view of the V&A Museum Dundee from Room 540 window.

photograph of daytime view of the V&A Museum Dundee from Room 540 window.
Daytime view of the V&A Museum Dundee from Room 540 window. Photography by James Thompson.

If you are coming to Dundee for the sights and landmarks I don’t think you can get a better view than this. Its worth booking yourself into the Sleeperz Hotel Dundee just for this view alone! However, the evening views and early morning views are equally stunning, if not better. After photographing the rooms the light was starting to go so I decided to head to the Bar for a drink and something to eat. Hungry work taking photographs…

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee Bar

Photograph of Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-Lounge
Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-Lounge leading to the Bar. Photography by James Thompson.
photograph of Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-Bar
Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-Bar. Photography by James Thompson.

The staff here are very friendly and nothing seems to be any trouble for them. I ordered some food, Pizza with Goat’s cheese and a Pint of Peroni and decided to see what the view from reception was like now that it was dark outside.

Reception Area with evening exterior view of Dundee.

photograph of Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-reception-area-with-night-view-of-Dundee
Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-reception-area-with-night-view-of-Dundee.  Photography by James Thompson.

My food was ready so after enjoying my Pizza and the lovely Peroni I was then able to get a few photographs of the interior.

Views of the Sleeperz Hotel Restaurant

Night-view-of-dundee-from-Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-restaurant-window. Photography by James Thompson.

The image above shows my view whilst enjoying my Pizza. The images below are of the restaurant itself.

View-of-restaurant-and-tv-area of Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-. Photography by James Thompson.
photograph of Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-restaurant
Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-restaurant with view of V&A Museum. Photography by James Thompson.
photograph of Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-cosy-tv-room
Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-cosy-tv area. Photography by James Thompson.

Photographs of Dundee from Room 540

After photographing the restaurant which was now filling up ( i ate early so I could get my photographs) I returned back to my room. The beds are big and very comfortable. I made myself a coffee and waited for the appropriate light to get the shots I wanted from my window.

V&A Museum Dundee in evening light.

View-of-V&A-Museum-at-night-from-room-540-of-the Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee. Photography by James Thompson.

Needless to say there is a downside to a view like this! You want to keep looking at it!


Im sure it was about 2am before I forced myself away and I knew I wanted to be awake early just incase the light was good!

Early morning Dundee Light!

I left my camera on the tripod ready and awoke at 6am waiting for the light to reveal more of that beautiful Dundee cityscape. The morning was very cold with quite a heavy mist but it wasn’t too bad early on.

View-from-room-540-of-Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee-showing-Discovery-Cafe-and-Dundee-Premier-Inn. Photography by James Thompson.

Literally 20 mins later….

View-of-V&A-Museum-Dundee-from-Sleeperz-Hotel -Room-540. Photography by James Thompson.

After taking these photographs I headed downstairs for breakfast. The breakfast is excellent with a great selection,. I opted for a full Scottish breakfast.

Breakfast-in-the-restaurant-at-the-Sleeper-Hotel-Dundee. Photography by James Thompson.

After breakfast I headed back to my room and relaxed for an hour or so. I feel like I had experienced so much in such a short period of time. I managed to get an additional exterior shot just before I left from the 5th Floor looking out on to the Malmaison Hotel.

View-of-Malmaison-Hotel-Dundee-from-Sleeperz-Hotel-Dundee. Photography by James Thompson.

So, I wasn’t expecting to stay, but I’m so glad that I did. The Hotel is an absolute delight and the staff are very friendly. The views from the Hotel are stunning so I can highly recommend a visit. I think I have caught the “Dundee bug” so I am planning to return in 4 weeks time to photograph more of this wonderful city. If you can recommend any wonderful buildings/ offices / sights Id love to hear from you.

This building is a wonderful testament to what can be achieved when the will and the talent is there. I read in one of Willie Watt’s posts ( about the Railway Station) that this is the first purpose designed station hotel in 100 years.

Hopefully there will be more to follow when those who are able, choose to do so. There is so much to be proud of here for Dundonians and so much for the visitor to see. I can’t wait to come back. Hopefully it will be warmer too!

If you would like to know more about the history, design and development of this building then take the time to read Willie Watt’s excellent articles.

Architects: Nicoll Russell

Engineers: Jacobs

Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Steel Fabrication and Erection: J&D Pierce Contracts Ltd

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee : If you’d like a book a room direct via the hotel. 

Interior Designers: Space Solutions. 

Construction Photography Awards

Finally I’d just like to add I was awarded Industrial Photographer of the Year 2018 via The Master Photographers Association, I am very proud to have received this award. I also gained an Award of excellence for my Commercial Photography. I travel UK wide and have full Professional Indemnity, Public Liability Insurance, I’m DBS Certified and I’m  a  Construction Photographer with a CSCS Card. If you’d like to get in touch call me on 07817 512 234 or email Enjoy Dundee!

licentiate_medal master photographers association
Master Photographers Association Accreditation.