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MSCP-Revealing Beauty in the Everyday: A Photographer’s Perspective

MSCP-Revealing Beauty in the Everyday: A Photographer’s Perspective I was commissioned some time ago to take images of some modular office spaces inside Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow. It took time to get the images I needed as I was also there to take images of the Helipad- both the Helipad and the Modular Office …

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Best Industrial Photographer in London

Construction Site Photography

The Art of Construction Site Photography: Capturing the essence of construction. Construction site photography is a unique and powerful genre of photography that provides a window into the dynamic and ever-changing world of construction. It goes beyond merely documenting the progress of a building; it captures the essence of human endeavor, innovation, and transformation. In …

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Steel Fabrication Photography

Steel Fabrication Photography

Steel Fabrication Photography Steel Fabrication Photography is a type of photography we are often asked to cover. It’s something we love to do, as the results are often spectacular or dramatic, yet it’s quite a challenging activity to photograph for numerous reasons. The major challenges are the huge variances in the quality and direction of …

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Silverstone Bridge Construction. Photography by James Thompson uk construction photography

 Bridge Construction Photographer

Documenting Bridge Building: A Photographer’s Viewpoint  Documenting bridge building is in essence, construction progress and construction progress photography is one of the most important aspects of the industry. It allows companies to showcase the work they’ve done over the past few months or years to their investors and the public. Progress photography is a way …

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Industrial Photography image of Gas and Plasma machine cutting plate steel

Industrial Photography Tips

How Industrial Photography Captures the Beauty of Everyday Objects Industrial Photography tips. Industrial photography is a niche within the photography industry that focuses on photographing industrial and commercial subjects. This can include anything from factories and machines to products and processes. Tips for taking your own Industrial Photographs Industrial photography can be quite challenging due …

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Structural Steel Design Awards 2021!

Structural Steel Design Awards 2021 Shortlist. We are proud to have been commissioned to photograph 3 of the buildings on the list! We discovered this exciting news on opening the July/ August edition on New Steel Construction magazine. Quoting New Steel Construction Magazine “a total of 20 diverse projects from around the UK that highlight …

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Glasgow Queen St Station revisit!

Construction Photographer revists Queen St Station Glasgow Construction Photographer James Thompson has visited Scotland’s third biggest railway station on four occasions, to monitor construction progress. This is his fifth, but I’m sure not his final visit, as this building is a real beauty. James’ first visit was on a Saturday evening , late December 2018. …

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Constructing Excellence Award

The team at UK Construction Photography are delighted to see such a beautiful and local ( to us) building win such an amazing award. Construction Site progress to completion Although we are talking about steel, glass, concrete and many other amazing construction materials, we personally feel very personally attached to this building even though we …

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