Constructing Excellence Award

The team at UK Construction Photography are delighted to see such a beautiful and local ( to us) building win such an amazing award.

Construction Photographers image of The-Catalyst-NIC-Newcastle-showing-Diagrid-and-Entrance
The-Catalyst-NIC-Newcastle-showing-Diagrid-and-Entrance- Photography: James Thompson uk construction photography

Construction Site progress to completion

Although we are talking about steel, glass, concrete and many other amazing construction materials, we personally feel very personally attached to this building even though we played no part in the construction of it. We did however, have the privilege of taking Construction Site Progress images over the course of the build.

As we didn’t have access to early architect’s drawings, at first it was difficult for us to imagine what it was going to look like. The photograph below shows the site at an early stage, so looking at the image below, you may feel the same way.

The-Catalyst-Newcastle-upon-Tyne-construction-image-showing-project-at-early-stage- Photography by James Thompson uk construction photography

Beautiful Glazing and Diagrid enhance the look of the Catalyst

No matter which angle you view The Catalyst from, it is a very beautiful building. The shape and form alone invite the eye to roam around the building, whilst the beautiful glazing and Diagrid enable it to shine like a Crown.

Construction Photograph showing The-Catalyst-Front-Entrance-National-Innovation-Centre-Newcastle-upon-Tyne view of
The-Catalyst-Front-Entrance-National-Innovation-Centre-Newcastle-upon-Tyne- Photography by James Thompson uk construction photography
Jaw dropping View of the beautiful Catalyst Building Newcastle upon TYNE
Shark-mouth view of The Catalyst Newcastle upon Tyne- Photography by James Thompson uk construction photography

The Entrance itself is truly stunning offering so many beautiful leading lines for the eye to follow and absorb.

The-Catalyst-Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Entrance-and-Canopy- Photography by James Thompson uk construction photography
The-Catalyst-Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Wide-view-in-black-and-white-Photography by James Thompson uk construction photography

If you have not yet viewed the official Constructing Excellence Awards page you can find it here

If you would like to view more images charting the progress of the build you can view them on our site, here.

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