Jaguar Land Rover Dealership London

London Construction Photographer James Thompson of uk construction photography was commissioned to track the construction progress of the steel erection for the new Jaguar Land Rover flagship dealership at Sunbury on Thames in London.  

James uses specific architectural lenses to maintain straight verticals and reduce distortion. 


Working from height on a Construction Site is of course a major safety consideration. 

Where extra height is required we either shoot from a MEWP or use a drone where it is safe to do so. 

Many of our Construction Company Clients request high quality images showing progress, or current status of Mezzanine Floors. These often go into company Progress Reports. 

We have on occasion, been required to take extreme close-ups of joints and fixings, which is something we are able to do using specialist photography lenses and lighting. 


Taking images of a structural steel roof often requires us to work from a Mobile Elevating Work Platform or , where safe and legal to do so, use a drone. 

Aerial Construction Photographs certainly add another visual element to the project and are also beneficial to show the building within context.

Buildings rarely stand alone , so seeing them within their local context is vital for planning and future development. 

 We work with quite a number of Planning Companies and Local Governments providing images with very specific camera locations for future planning considerations.   

Whatever the size of your project, we are interested in working with you. We have some clients contact us after viewing our website who think we may not be interested as it is only a small project. 

We will work with any size company multi national or SME on any scale project , you bust need to call James on

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