Glasgow Queen St Station revisit!

Construction Photographer revists Queen St Station Glasgow

Construction Photographer James Thompson has visited Scotland’s third biggest railway station on four occasions, to monitor construction progress. This is his fifth, but I’m sure not his final visit, as this building is a real beauty. James’ first visit was on a Saturday evening , late December 2018. I was there courtesy of J&D Pierce Contracts Ltd, to record 2 massive lifts involving 2 x 100t trusses. You really can’t imagine the scale of the operation if you are not familiar with this type of environment. One of the construction photographs below does show one of JDPierce’s staff working, you have to look closely to see him.

Evening view of construction site involving large steel structure and heavy lift crane at Queen Street Railway Station Glasgow

100t Truss massive crane lift over live lines

As mentioned, my first visit was to photograph 2 heavy lifts, which took place over live lines. Late December, late evening, Glasgow, it was cold and it rained non stop for 7 hours. Fortunately with professional equipment, we can keep working in these conditions to deliver the results needed for our clients. The droplets you can see in the image below are rain falling. The image was taken at the bottom of Dundas Street looking on to Buchanan Street. The lifts took place over several hours. One of the images of the completed building are taken from a similar angle, but not quite as Police vans were parked in this spot.


Construction of Queen St. Station Glasgow April 2019

My third visit was April 2019, fortunately on a reasonably sunny day. It’s amazing to see how much progress has been made on the building extension. The construction site photograph you see below is followed by an image taken on Friday 7th May 2021 showing the extension completed, the comparison is fascinating.

Construction Photograph showing Glasgow Queen Street Railway Station extension progress as of May 2019
Construction Photograph showing Glasgow Queen Street Railway Station extension progress as of May 2019-Photography by uk construction photography

Same angle of Queen Street station now completed: May 2021


Queen Street Station Glasgow Glass Frontage

There is approximately 500 square metres of glass projecting onto Buchanan Street and what a beautiful sight it is, contrasting against the gold sunlit cladded canopy. The below image shows the steel structure framework, fabricated and erected by JD Pierce, prior to the glasswork being installed.

Construction photograph showing steel structure to support glass frontage of Queen Street Railway Station Glasgow.
Construction photograph showing steel structure to support glass frontage of Queen Street Railway Station Glasgow. Image by uk construction photography.
Interior-photograph-of-Queen-Street-Railway-Station-showing-Gold-Cladding-and glass frontage image -by-uk-construction-photography

Queen Street Station Glasgow-beauty at every angle!

I have been fortunate enough to photograph many beautiful buildings for clients. Some of them are Railway Stations, Dundee Railway station in particular comes to mind. If you would like to see those images you can find them here. Once again, another Scottish Railway Station goes beyond the obvious to create a beautiful building because the city deserves it. Glasgow is full of incredible architecture, it is a photographer’s paradise. Here in Glasgow, we have the contrast and juxtaposition of the beautiful old and the beautiful new, I personally love it.

Construction photograph showing gold canopy of queen street railway station next to classic Glaswegian architecture
Old architecture contrasted against new- a beautiful Glasgow view- Queen St Station Glasgow by-uk-construction-photography

Queen Street Railway Station Interior & Exterior views as of May 2021

External view of -Queen-Street-Railway-Station-and Gold-Canopy-viewed-from-Dundas-Street-by-uk-construction-photography
Main-Entrance-of-Queen-Street-Railway-Station-Showing Gold-Cladding -viewed-from-Dundas-Street-by-uk-construction-photography
interior-of-Queen-Street-Railway-Station-showing-Gold-Cladding-on-ceiling-Images by -by-uk-construction-photography

Final Thoughts and Comments

Firstly, thank you to J&D Pierce Contracts Ltd, Glengarnock, for commissioning me for so many of their amazing projects, this is just one of many. If you would like to view more of their work, you can find them here.

For many, the draw to Scotland is for the beautiful countryside, the warm welcome and perhaps the lovely whiskey. There is so much more to see and experience, especially if like myself, you love Architecture and Buildings. Glasgow and Edinburgh are hard to beat.

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