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Our Services

Our Services

  • Construction  Photography & Video
  • Industrial Photography & Video
  • Architectural Photography & Video
  • Interior Photography & Video
  • Hotel and Guesthouse Photography & Video
  • Time Lapse Photography
  • Corporate Portraiture / Headshots
  • Large Photo display boards and collages
  • Corporate Events

We specialise in designing large photography display boards and collages for your office, building or site.: indoors or outdoors. We can offer a range of substrates depending on the specific need and location.

We can offer high quality photography on Acrylic boards, 5mm or 10mm thick up to size 8 feet by 4 feet ( 2.4m x 1.2m). We can design and fit Acrylics on curved walls also.

We can cover your large walls or corridors by spanning images/ collages over multiple boards. You could for example have a 2.4m high display that is 3.6 or 4.8 m wide for example. The resulting collage/ design appears seamless across all the boards. This is a bespoke service we regularly provide for our clients in the Corporate and Education sector.

Finally, we can liaise with your marketing team to create specific material for your marketing campaigns, PR work and  optimise images for social media and websites.

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