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Civil Engineering Photography

Industrial Photography involves working in exciting and challenging environments. 

Hiring an Industrial Photographer that has experience of working in a multitude of different Industrial landscapes gives you reassurance that you will get the images possible for your website and social media campaigns. 

We were contacted by Steve Davis, Senior Contracts Manager at Kiernan Steel to chart the progress of several of their special Sim Beams being galvanised . 

The steel galvanising took place in the Midlands, so this was a relatively straightforward journey for us.

Safety Concerns:

  • Negotiating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and adhering to site-specific safety protocols during the shoot.
  • Ensuring compliance with Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations for a secure working environment.
  • Managing exposure in high-contrast settings, employing specialized equipment to capture details in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Implementing dust and weather-resistant gear to protect both the camera equipment and ensure image quality.
  • Rapid adjustment to evolving construction scenes, capturing pivotal moments that highlight project progression.
  • Employing quick-response techniques to adapt to the dynamic nature of construction environments.
  • Strategising shots to work within restricted zones, respecting safety perimeters and site access limitations.
  • Coordinating with project managers to secure necessary permissions for accessing critical areas.

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